Brexit…. Precursor to PLexit and Trumpdom?


Like the rest of the world I woke up to the shocking news about Brexit. On a more personal note, the first thing in my Facebook feed was a blog by a colleague, Nando Sigona, on his feeling the morning after … I have no words, in any language, to console Nando.

I have not lived in Europe for many years, but I am Polish by birth and American by happenstance. I fear both for my motherland and for my adopted country. I am afraid that Poland is not far away from wanting to exit the European Union. The ruling party of Law and Justice (sic!) is already making waves about being “put on its knees” by the EU! The All Polish Youth, a nationalistic youth organization, wants freedom and independence, argues against accepting refugees and immigrants. Poland after all should be for Poles! — they shout as they march through cities and towns wrapped up in Polish flags and adorned with nationalistic symbols. God, Honor, and Fatherland are their values, not diversity and acceptance. As Daniel Passent wrote on his blog this morning, the effects of Brexit will adversely affect Poles, both those living in Poland and those residing in the UK. Ironically, many of the latter ones expressed their dissatisfaction—often in uncertain terms and vulgar language—with the growing diversity in Great Britain. Now the shoe is on the other foot: 75 percent of Boston—one of the largest concentrations of Poles in the UK—residents voted to leave the EU.

On my side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Donald prized Brexit. No surprises here: The fear mongering that led to Brexit has been part of his modus operandi during the ongoing presidential campaign. UK is leaving EU, the US might become a Trumpdom, surrounded by a tall fence, and living in “splendid isolation” from the outside world. Today, the Donald calls for deportations of Mexicans and barring all Muslims from entering the United States. Who will he target tomorrow? Polish Catholics? Mixed race Americans? Who else?

We, the American voters, should not dismiss Brexit, we should fear that it will only fuel the appetites of Drumpf’s supporters. What? You say they don’t follow international politics! Perhaps not, but they certainly listen to their Fürer!


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